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Merger & Acquisition Support

As a client of Heim Honemeier, you will experience an immediate benefit from our many years of experience with Mergers & Acquisitions business.  We provide independent consultancy services with respect to the preparation of mergers and acquisitions (through the conduct of a due diligence up to potential price negotiations). Our expert team will work closely with you throughout each step with a well-structured approach. This will give you greater clarity, enabling you to make well informed decisions and have professional support in complex negotiation scenarios. As an experienced partner in the national and international sphere of M & A business, we have successfully served our clients in this field for many years. M & A key topics in the broad range of services provided by Heim Honermeier include:

  • M & A preparation
  • Analysis and scenario development
  • Due diligence consultancy
  • Finance and capital consultancy
  • Business valuation
  • Due diligence support
  • Consultancy in the determination of sales/purchase prices
  • Corporate growth consultancy

These are only some of our areas of expertise. We invite you to learn more about our other areas of expertise and to personally discuss with us those areas that are of importance to you.  Call us at +49 69 96242-0 or use our contact form

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